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Currently dp4 Font Viewer is available as version 3.0 with these features:


How to get a license:

dp4 Font Viewer is freeware. You can download the full version for free. The program does not have any limits or nag messages.

If you like to support the further development of this freeware, your donation is highly appreciated:

New Version 3.0

Ältere VersionenOlder versions

Version 2.0

  • Support for fonts in OpenType ® format
  • Support for fonts in Collections format
  • Improved Unicode support, e.g. for japanese fonts
  • Native x64 version
  • Fixed bugs for poor written font files

Version 1.9

  • History of last recent used folders
  • Fixed bug while listing subfolders
  • Fixed bugs for poor written font files

Version 1.8

  • List can be sorted by columns
  • Fonts are communicated to the system to use them immediately in other applications
  • List all sub folders
  • Command line parameter for the start folder
  • Correct start language for non german systems
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.7

  • Better print support
  • Print options dialog page
  • Fast high-resolution black / white print
  • Windows menu bar
  • Minor bug fixes

dp4 Font Viewer in the press (german only)

Computer Bild 9 / 2009 dp4 Font Viewer at the booklet CD-ROM of the largest german IT journal Computer Bild 9 / 2009.

Article (494 KByte, german language)..
e-media 7 / 2006 The software has been recommended in one of the leading Austrian newspaper e-media in the July 2006 issue.

Article (252 KByte, german language)..